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Potential Masters and Doctoral Students​​

CMAH Lab Areas of Interests

Assessment of motor performance and physical activity along with the implementation of evidence-based interventions to maximize physical activity, motor skills, and physical health and development in pediatric populations.The effect of evidence-based interventions on school/academic readiness and cognitive outcomes

Professional Organizations

NASPSPA   - The North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity

SHAPE America - Society of Health and Physical Educators

ACSM - American College of Sports Medicine

NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine

NAFAPA - The North American Federation for Adapted Physical Activity 

ISBNPA - I nternational Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

About Rackham Graduate School
All graduate students at the University of Michigan, regardless of department, are students in the Rackham Graduate School. Rackham partners at multiple levels with each graduate program, school, and college to: Ensure the quality of graduate education, Encourage innovation and effective practices
and Build a vibrant and diverse student community. 

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Masters in Movement Science 

"Students who receive a Master of Science in Movement Science study human movement in depth from different perspectives. An important aspect of our program is the flexibility in course selection and research areas which allow students to tailor their program of study to fit individual interests. Graduates are well-prepared to pursue doctoral research studies, professional health care programs including medicine and rehabilitation, health and wellness, as well as positions in the private and public sector." - Program Overview, University of Michigan School of Kinesiology

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Ph. D in Movement Science

“Ph.D. students choose from a set of core courses in Kinesiology, as well as cognate courses from other units, and complete a minimum of 30 pre-candidacy credits beyond the master's level. Qualifying examinations must be passed before advancing to candidacy, after which the student completes an original doctoral dissertation. A minimum of 50 credits including pre-candidacy and candidacy work must be completed to graduate.

All Ph.D. students work closely with a faculty advisor from the beginning of their degree program. Working with the student and advisor, a Guidance Committee, Qualifying Examination Committee, and a Dissertation Committee provide advice and evaluate progress at successive stages of the program.
A principal goal of doctoral training is the achievement of competence as an independent scholar.  Each student’s program will be tailored to develop skills in knowledge dissemination.” - Program Overview, University of Michigan School of Kinesiology

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Additional Resources

You may also contact Charlene Ruloff ([email protected]), Kinesiology's Graduate Program Coordinator, for more information.

Potential Undergraduate Students​​

While the CMAH Lab is currently full, we encourage all undergraduates to learn about our research and to explore the work of other faculty within the School of Kinesiology. 

Opportunities to Explore Research and Career Interests

Additional Kinesiology Faculty Research Labs

Dr. Dale Ulrich - The Center on Physical Activity and Health in Pediatric Disabilities
Dr. Ulrich teaches undergraduate courses: MVS 250, HF/MVS 425, MVS 429.

Dr. Rebecca Hasson - The Childhood Disparities Research Laboratory
Dr. Hasson teaches upper-level undergraduate electives: HF 446, HF/MVS 451.

Dr. Natalie Colabianchi - The Environment & Policy Laboratory
Dr. Hasson teaches an upper-level undergraduate electives: HF 416.

Dr. Allison Miller - Lumeng | Miller Lab 
Dr. Miller is a professor in the School of Public Health Departement of Health Behavior and Health Education. 

Journals to Explore
Pediatric Exercise Science
Research Quarterly for Exercise Sport
Sports Medicine

Early Childhood Education